I am your typical desk worker, I run a web design company and my work has me concentrating on my screens for long hours at my desk without getting up. My only exercise is my regular gym sessions.

The next morning after a training session in the gym I felt like I had slept wrong, I took it easy for a couple of days but then I trained again and the next morning it was worse again! I had no choice but to get it checked out.

The first person I thought of was Lisa Newbould, after all I had built her website. I thought it poor taste to go elsewhere, although I have always been a little untrusting of the Chiropractic industry.

To my surprise it worked! Lisa was amazingly professional, she didn't "Turn me into a Pretzel" or anything strange like that! After two visits I was good to go and a few days later I was back to normal health!
I am glad I saw her and more than happy write this testimonial and also happy to verify this testimonial any time via phone!

Scott Nailon

I have just finished some translations on my computer, and as I turned it off, I realised I am free from pain. So I turn the computer on again to tell you that all the staples you have clipped me with are holding very well. Lisa if there was voting who is the best Chiropractor, I would vote you Number One. You must have an ancestor who was a Shaman. Thank you, thank you a million times If you want to print this and pin it on the wall, go ahead because I mean it and I would be sorry if I did not tell you.


As an injury prone, sporting tragic, I can always rely on you to have me up and running with full confidence. My ongoing back and neck issues have never felt better, and I appreciate the extra care you take during my treatment. I have come to know you as a highly professional chiropractor, and would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Anthony Lyon
Australian Oztag Representative

I have been seeing Lisa for the past 2 years and have always been so happy with the treatment I have received. From general check ups to the diagnosis and treatment of my injuries, Lisa is a competent and personable chiropractor who I feel very comfortable in seeing.


I was referred to Lisa 18 months ago by a friend. I had a reoccurring hip injury which was causing a lot of pain. Different exercise and sport seemed to aggravate my hip which was referring in to my back. After 2 years of seeing different physio's, chiro's and osteo's, I still hadnt received any pain relief, I thought my only option was to give up sport and training. Within a few sessions with Lisa the pain started to subside and within a few months I had very little pain. I am still seeing Lisa on a monthly basis to keep on top of my injury. Prevention is better than a cure. I am back in full time training and playing all the sports I thought I may have to give up. I have referred 5 of my friends to see Lisa, all have given me really good feedback and been extremely impressed with her professional manner. I have found Lisa to be a very assertive and caring Doctor.

Carly Bartlett